About Us

Ever heard about Tropical Kayak Adventures?

Why choose us?

We are St. Lucia’s first eco-friendly see-through kayak tour company which exhibits the diverse marine life and visual aesthetics of the natural harbor on the island. 

With our kayaks we will be able to provide you a one-of-the-kind experience where the world of wonder is not only around you but also beneath you. 

Acquiring breathtaking views from the ocean, it’s complex aesthetics will leave you speechless and not to mention makes a pretty sweet social media post!

Our Mission

To fuel the growth of our community and create a connection between the natural and human world. 

Our Vision & Values

At Tropical Kayak Adventures we’re more than just a for profit tourist excursion, we believe in maintaining the wellbeing of the environment and overall community through aspects such as; keep our beach clean campaigns with school and other districts, giving back campaigns and raising environmental awareness through our tours.  

Who We Work With