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Snorkeling Above Water

$90 USD + Per Person [Minimum: 2 persons]

Acting as a magnifying glass, our 100% transparent kayaks provide the perfect opportunity to bask in the beauty of the western coastline and see the wonders of the ocean, without getting wet! You’ll have an up-close look at the vibrant colors of our richest ecosystem. If you look up, you’ll see the breathtaking contrast between the Caribbean Sea and Saint Lucia’s world renowned Pitons. If you do fancy getting wet, grab your snorkeling gear and dive straight in. Who knows, you may encounter some new furry friends on land too as we cruise the island’s Bat Cave.

           ✔️ Tour Duration: 3 hours (including lunch hour)

           ✔️  Kayak Capacity: 2 persons

           ✔️  Local buffet-styled lunch at The Beacon Restaurant. NB, if you book the afternoon experience lunch starts 12:00pm at the restaurant, then, we meet at the beach for 2:00pm. 


📍 Tropical Kayak Adventures

📍 The Beacon Restaurant       

DISCLAIMER: Taxi transfers are not included, but can be arranged.                                             

The Drone Package

Solo Shoot – $160 USD + | Couple Shoot – $210 USD +

Capture the ultimate instagram shot of you in tropical wonderland, between the Piton Mountains, onboard our clear bottom kayaks. We capture several shots from above using one of the latest DJI drones and your favorite shots are professionally edited.

           ✔️ Shoot Duration: 35 minutes – 1 hour

           ✔️ 15 – 25 professionally edited photos, unlimited unedited videos & photos

           ✔️  No limit on the amount of photos taken!

           ✔️  Average processing time: 1.5 – 2 weeks


📍 Tropical Kayak Adventures

DISCLAIMER: Taxi transfers are not included, but can be arranged.